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Looking for a local Palmdale service or business professional but don't want to risk picking a random name out of the phone book? Our Palmdale Business Directory and Palmdale Business Network consists of members who agree to provide top quality service at competitive prices. You can use the form below to search for a specific business, or post your job in the category section down below and get multiple bids from local Palmdale professionals. (Palmdale Business Professionals please scroll down)

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Palmdale Business Professionals

Add your business for FREE and join one of Palmdale' fastest growing FREE business networks and business directories. Allow us to help grow your business FAST by connecting you with consumers AND up to 1,200 other LOCAL professionals in your zip code willing to provide top quality service and recommend your services whenever possible. In fact, we will includeyou in the PalmdaleBusiness Directory, Palmdale Business Network, social network, referral management system, and give you an optimized web page that can rank on major search engines like Google in as little as 2 weeks. CLICK HERE to watch a 2 minute video on how we can grow your business in the first 30 days...FOR FREE!

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Palmdale Information

Palmdale is a city located in the northeast quadrant of Los Angeles County, California. Consistently ranked in the top twenty-five fastest growing cities in the United States, the city is known as a family-oriented community with a high quality of life.

The most important industry for Palmdale is the aerospace industry. However in recent times, other manufacturing companies have relocated to Palmdale, drawn by the more affordable land, proximity to Palmdale Airport, and special tax breaks.

A number of world-class corporations and manufacturing firms have made Palmdale home, helping to diversify the local economy. These include Delta Scientific, a world leader in high strength vehicle barrier systems, and US Pole, a major manufacturer of street lighting poles. The Palmdale Trade and Commerce Center is home to many other major manufacturing, industrial, corporate offices and other employers, as well as home to the Palmdale Auto Mall. A number of medical and related support offices are coming on-line to meet the needs of the new Palmdale Regional Medical Center.

The Antelope Valley Mall, one of the largest employers in the area, is the preeminent retail shopping destination in the region, with a wide variety of dining choices on its restaurant row. Some of the other major employers in the area include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Palmdale School District. Wal-Mart. Antelope Valley Union High School District, Boeing, Westside Union School District, and Los Angeles County.

Please note: We do not sell or rent our lists or contact information (see privacy policy). We review each registration to determine if the profession is compatible with our network. Not all registrations will be accepted. Acceptance is NEVER based on race, gender, religion, family status, or gender preference.

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